Why is Adultx Different From Other Free Porn Tube Sites?

As our regularly returning site visitors (our loyal fans) will happily attest, Adultx is far from being your typical “generic” free adult porn site tube. Although It does possess many similar qualities, including but not limited to serving a broad range of different niches and does not necessarily conform to one particular type of viewer, nor do we narrow our focus on “HD” vs “Non-HD” content, or even “Homemade Porn” vs “Professional”. Our primary focus in our process of curating the best of the best free porn video content for our visitors is on the “hotness” factor of the content itself. We tend to believe that “Hot” comes in many forms. There are some incredibly BORING (and frankly stupid and unappealinv) videos in 1080p HD that are “Professionally / Studio Produced” circulating on the web.There are also some incredibly hot videos shot with a cell phone camera that aren’t available in a higher resolution than 480p - yet it doesn’t make them any less hot, Similarly, being viewed in 1080p doesn’t make a terrible video any less disappointing, you can just see the suckage more clearly Not so here, because we focus on the actual videos themselves, we maintain a site filled with nothing but the best free porn tube videos available on the web - judged based on factors that ACTUALLY matter in practice - unlike our competitors who feed you videos based on metrics that just “sound good”.